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A bug out bag is a medium to large backpack, usually with a frame. A bug out bag is for when war, zombies, and extreme civil unrest are at your doorstep. a Bug out bag is NOT: an all purpose surivivalist kit, a library, or pack full of useless single task junk. A Bug out bag IS: a back pack that contains the resources to survive for a week, Includes sanitation items, and basic survival items. These things are what I feel every single Bug Out Bag should never be without, I am not a survival expert.

Pt 1/3
The Absolute BARE BONES Minimum:

- Lighters, Fuck matches, fuck flint and steel. Go to the store and buy a package of five Bic lighters. The chances of you having to live in the woods (assuming you run away) for more than a couple weeks without running into an abandoned store or house is extremely slim.
- Notebooks/Writing Stuff, You'll need to build a fire and you'll need to do math, make maps, write stuff down, also why not leave a record?
- Space Blanket, Not only can it be used as a blanket it can be used as insulation in a lean-to or snow shelter, used as a tarp, awning, groundsheet, or even a signalling device. A small section cut and properly folded and tied it can be used as a fishing lure.
Small Jar Candles, These will allow you to A) put light where you want, B) Keep a flame going in wind, C) Cover up your nasty B.O. if you have company, D) the melted candle wax can be dripped onto paper to be made into 'paraffin firestarters', E) Once the candle is used upm melt the rest of the wax wash out the jar and you have a nice "herb jar" or miniature drinking glass.
- Isopropyl Alcohol, It's not drinkable but you'll need it if you scrape your leg running or escaping. It can also be used to start a fire, and if you need to sterilize anything it does it in a hurry and a pinch.
- Mess Kit, A dutch oven, a frying pan, and a small stew pot, all made of durable and light aluminum or steel. Doubles as a bowl, plate, and mixing bowl. Do I really need to say why you need this? (Boiling water dumbass...)
Silverware, At the VERY LEAST you will need a Paring knife, Utility knife, sharpening stone, Two forks, two sharp knives, and two spoons, a Can Opener and a Corkscrew. If you're asking why you're too dumb to live.
- Instant Ramen and Boullion Cubes, Yes I know Ramen is crap, but it will keep you alive, it doesn't need to be cold, and it's quick to make. Pack at least four. An entire jar of boullion ischeap, you can toss in local vegetation and if you find fish you can make soup. Also Even if you're starving broth is better than nothing.
- 3 Sets of Clothing, You Will smell like ass after four days in the woods, You will wake up soaked from dew or early rain, you will fall into a stream or river. Try to wear clothes for at least three days, regardless of whether or not you bathe.
- Sleeping Bag, Keep warm or die. If you're shivering while wrapped in your sleeping bag with a fire going don't fall asleep or you will fucking DIE. Eat something, sing songs, take a short walk around the camp site, DO NOT Fall Asleep.

Coming Soon, Pt 2/3
If you Happen to think of it....

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